Traveling By RV At The Beginning Of Spring? 4 Things To Watch Out For


Hitting the road in an RV is one of the best ways to experience travel. However, traveling with such a large vehicle means that you need to take precautions before leaving. Getting your RV serviced is a great start, but it is not the only thing you need. If you are heading out at the start of spring, when road conditions start improving, you should watch out for a few dangers to keep yourself out of trouble on your travels.

Icy Roads in Colder Areas

When traveling in states that get a lot of snow throughout the year, you need to keep an eye on the roads at all times. Keeping up with weather forecasts for your future destinations will help you avoid a situation in which you are constantly having to battle with icy, dangerous road conditions. While all-season tires with plenty of tread will help you make it through these areas safely, it is easier to avoid these roads.

Animal Crossings

Although you will not have to worry about the large number of animals crossing on the road that you would experience during fall and winter, spring is still a popular time for sightings on or near roads. Mainly, the new growth that happens is what attracts deer and other wildlife to where people are driving. It is important to keep an eye out at all times, but especially where you see lots of greenery.


Cities do their best to take care of the roads throughout the year, but winter brings in a lot of potholes. As a result, driving at the beginning of spring could have you running into recently formed potholes. It is not convenient to have to head to the shop to get your tires looked at or alignment fixed mid-trip, so take your time around corners where you cannot see that far in front of you. Potholes are likely to be more troublesome in rural areas as major cities are more active at keeping up with fixing them.

Foggy Windows

During springtime, it is still common for early mornings and late nights to be rather cold. As a result, you are likely to deal with foggy windows when you are on the road at or around these times. Do not panic-- most of the time you can fix the problem by turning on both the windshield defroster and heater.

If you want to have the best time traveling in your RV, you should know what to look out for in spring. Click here to learn more about used trailers at Sauder's Camping & Truck Accessories.


3 May 2016

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