Cost-Effective Ways To Care For Your RV When Not In Use


Your RV is an expensive investment that you want to take care of. You likely won't be using your recreational vehicle for more than a few weeks or months a year, leaving it idle the rest of the time. To get the most out of your unit and keep it in fine-working condition for as long as possible, follow these cost-effective care tips to keep your equipment safe all times of the year.


A storage canopy is a great way to house your RV during its off seasons. This canopy typically has open sides with a roof where you can drive your RV underneath it to protect it from the elements. Other styles include a dome-shaped canopy that has enclosed sides but an open front and back for extra protection. A free-standing unit, you can place a storage canopy next to your garage or in your driveway where you plan on keeping your RV when not in use. 

It's important to cover your RV's roof from sun and wind damage. Prior to placing your RV in storage, remove dirt, debris, and pooled water from the roof's surface so you can store your unit effectively.

Generator and battery

Even when your RV is not in use, you need to run the generator a few times a year to ensure that it is working properly. This also helps use up any gas that is in the unit and keeps your carburetor clean. Run your generator for a few hours at a time at about half its full capacity to clean out the inner workings of the unit and keep it reliable for your traveling season.

Fully charge your RVs batteries prior to storing, then disconnect all electrical connections to the unit. This prevents acid erosion and helps ensure that you have fully-charged batteries for traveling even if you have left your RV in storage for several months.

Vent your unit

While you have your RV in storage, ventilation is key. This helps prevent your RV from getting too hot and can help prevent cracking and erosion of furnishings within the unit. With a protective cover surrounding your unit, you should be able to keep windows and vents slightly cracked to allow positive air flow without damaging your RV. Only vent windows that have screens on them to prevent insects and rodents from getting inside the vehicle.

Proper care of your RV is key to having a well-working machine when you are ready to travel again. From storage to battery care, there are many ways you can maintain your RV so it is ready any time of year. For more information and tips, you may want to contact a local RV storage company. 


6 May 2016

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