Tips On Keeping Your Children Safe From Forest Pests While At Summer Camp


Sending your kids to a co-ed summer camp in New England, such as Camp Walt Whitman, will provide them with experiences that will generate long-lasting memories. One of the nice things about camping in New England is that, unlike some parts of the country, you don't generally have to worry about serious threats from critters. (Although New England does have poisonous snakes, the odds of your child coming in contact with one are rare.) There are other pests, however, that may not pose a grave danger but can dampen a child's enjoyment of summer camp. Here are some tips that you can give your children to minimize their risk of pest bites or stings while at summer camp.

Stay Away From Tree Stumps

When you think of wasps, you often think of a large nest that hangs from a tree's branches. However, wasps can also make their home inside a rotten tree stump, which means that they might not be as evident when your children are trekking through the woods. Caution them from climbing or sitting on rotten tree stumps and encourage them to be aware of their surroundings. For example, if there are wasps present around a stump, your children should vacate the area and let a camp counselor know so that he or she can keep other campers away.

Protect The Ankles

Although it might be fun to run through the woods in bare feet or sandals, this behavior can increase your children's risk of getting a tick bite. Ticks are common in the Northeast and lurk in grass and underbrush, where they wait until a person or animal brushes up against them. A tick bite can be uncomfortable, and there may even be a risk of Lyme disease. However, if your children wear shoes, socks, and long pants, they won't have anything to worry about on their camping trip.

Wear Mosquito Repellent

Few pests can be as disruptive to a camping trip as mosquitoes, so make sure that you pack plenty of repellent with your children. Remind them to spray the repellent on their exposed skin at the start of each day, as well as apply follow-up coats if they've been swimming at camp or have been sweating profusely. When possible, they should also know to avoid areas with stagnant water, such as swamps, as mosquitoes can be heavier in such areas. With your tips in mind, your children will happily avoid these pests and have a memorable time at camp.


30 August 2017

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