Prepare For A Camping Trip That Utilizes Survival Skills


Survival skills are essential if you are faced with a precarious situation that involves being lost in the wilderness and having no way to contact family and friends for assistance. It can also be kind of exciting to practice thriving in the woods with some basic supplies and necessities. If this sounds like an activity that you would like to partake in, prepare for an impending camping trip with the instructions that follow.

Pack A Gear Bag

Purchase a waterproof bag and place some basic necessities in it, including a change of clothes, a tarp, first aid supplies, medication, a knife, and blankets. When preparing the contents of the bag, omit items that are frivolous or that you would not normally bring along on a camping trip.

Extra items that are not needed for survival will only weigh you down and make it difficult for you to hike through the woods or climb terrain that is located on an incline. Learn how to erect a basic shelter by researching survival tactics so that you can create a safe sleeping nook soon after arriving at the campsite that you have selected. 

Purchase Cooking Supplies

Buy camping cooking supplies from a business that sells camping gear. A pot, pan, matches, and disposable utensils and dinnerware are all you will need to prepare and consume meals. If you are going to truly 'rough it' during your trip, bringing along a fishing pole and tackle may be of interest. After catching and scaling fish, you can simply cut the fish into small pieces and place the pieces in a pan or in a pot of boiling water.

Since you will be bringing disposable utensils and dinnerware along with you on the trip, pack a large trash bag in your gear bag so that you can dispose of trash when you are finished eating a meal. Plan on boiling water prior to drinking it so that you do not ingest harmful pathogens that could make you sick. 

Obtain And Study A Map And Buy A Compass And Binoculars

Choose an area to camp in. Purchase or print out a map of the area selected and briefly study geographical features and landmarks that are printed on the map so that you familiarize yourself with the area that you will be visiting. Buy a compass and binoculars to bring along with you on the camping trip. These items will aid in navigating through the woods during your survival experience. 


11 January 2018

Camping Smarter, Not Harder

When I decided that it would be fun to show my kids the world, I realized that we couldn't afford to stay in swanky hotels every single night. Instead, I decided to invest in some high end camping gear, so that we could enjoy the wilderness while we saw the sights. As I started shopping, I found gear that I didn't even know existed. We even found water purifiers, tents that were easy to set up, and incredible compact stoves that made eating and sleeping a lot easier. This blog is all about camping smarter instead of harder, so that you can enjoy yourself abroad for a better price.